MAASHITLA is the fastest and most efficient Registrar and Share Transfer Agent (SEBI Registered RTA- Category I) (SEBI Registration No: INR000004370) in India. As one of the leading Indian owned Registrar and Share Transfer Agent, MAASHITLA stands in a unique position of providing RTA services within India having direct connectivity to the NSDL and CDSL Depository.

Operating from multiple locations throughout India gives MAASHITLA the ability to handle and deliver any specialised service including Obtaining of ISIN Number for the Public & Private Companies from NSDL/ CDSL.

MAASHITLA RTA and Depository clients’ includes some of India’s largest and most respected Public and Private Sector Companies, Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries.

With over 3500 Clients Including Corporates, HNI’s and NRI’s, whatever be your requirement MAASHITLA has the solution for you, being one of the largest ‘Secure’ Data Processing Company.

We at MAASHITLA provide outstanding service delivery with a proven professional management team, strong corporate governance and well established infrastructure.

Our Services Includes:

  • Obtaining of ISIN Number of Equity, Preference, All types of Debt, Warrants etc. for the Public & Private Companies
  • Maintenance of Dematerialised Scrips.
  • Downloading & Reconciliation of data from Depository on a periodical basis.
  • Receipt & Confirmation of the Demat / Remat to Depository after verification of documents with back-end data as and when received by us.
  • Scanning of documents for record.
  • Corporate action, if any.
  • Submit information of beneficial owners to Company from time to time including for specific dates when full database is required for Corporate Actions (such specific will be informed to you by us in advance as required by depositories).
  • Maintain backup of data as required by depositories.
  • Registering power of attorney /ECS mandate/ nomination /change of address etc.
  • Dividend payment & its reconciliation.
  • Settlement of shareholder queries and complaints.
  • Dispatch of related documents , such as notices , annual reports , postal ballots , share certificate dividends etc.
  • Facilitating E-voting for shareholders
  • Video Conferencing services for general meetings, board meetings, etc.

Important: As per SEBI Circular dated March 16, 2023, it shall be mandatory for all holders of physical securities in listed company to furnish valid PAN, KYC details and Nomination. Kindly visit our RTA Form Centre to download forms and update the same. Folios wherein any one of the cited document/ details are not available on or after October 01, 2023 shall be frozen in our records.