Purpose: High Profits with Low Cost

Derivatives are essential for the financial organization as they facilitate to hedge adjacent to the risk and also offer you with an opportunity to profit from the incongruity in the market. Various derivative contracts comprise a noteworthy share of all the financial market dealings in the domestic as well as global markets. In India, derivative contracts are traded on National Stock Exchange (NSE) on a gigantic scale and their trade is becoming increasingly widespread even on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Derivative products are structured in manner so as to curtail the risk exposure of an investor.

MAASHITLA membership of the Derivative Segment on all the above mentioned exchanges provides you with an opportunity to gain of numerous benefits of trading in derivatives. This takes account of researched trading thoughts, equivocation and arbitrage tactics, strong risk management of leveraged spots and others. Our Derivative Market segment has an amalgamated understanding of the equity and derivatives market that is brilliantly reflected in our unique and effective Trading / Hedging / Arbitrage strategies. Our most up-to-date technological infrastructure, live market reports, in-depth analysis and tracking services facilitate you to opt for appropriate and highly profitable derivative strategies such as Bull Spread, Bear Spread, Cover Call Writing, Hedging Strategies, etc that are explicit to your individual portfolio.


  • To the maximum extent, you encompass to plot a route to the stock market on your own potential. Many a times, you have sensed beleaguered by the difficulty of building money again and again. Many a times, your broker has let you towards downhill, giving erroneous, inadequately researched and unqualified ruinous recommendation. Well MAASHITLA is here with its full armoury to secure you from defencelessness, tenseness and frustration. Our aim is to bring confidence, security and peace of mind against impulsive market waves. India’s pre-eminent brokerage house Maashitla Securities (P) Ltd brings with it the elongated inheritance of confidence bestowed upon by the customers & fine relationships with some of the oldest clients.
  • At MAASHITLA we make available with the quality services whose utility distance beyond measly execution of buying and selling. Our widespread research facilitates you to incorporate enormous quantity of information concerning inclination in the economy, the markets, and trends of precise industries and/or group companies.

MAASHITLA can augment your investing understanding with:

  • Outstanding trade execution capabilities on BSE, NSE.
  • Derivatives trading for those with a higher risk appetite.