Purpose : Quick, Convenient, Secure & Safe way to Hold Equity

Being a registered DP of NSDL and Trading Member of NSE and BSE, MAASHITLA offers risk free and prompt trading and depository services. For providing hassle free and paperless delivery instructions for sale of shares, NSDL’s easiest facilities are also being provided to large number of our registered users.

Basic Depository Services:

Demat is a quick, convenient, secure and safer way of holding securities in electronic (dematerialization) form instead of paper form. In Depository System, securities such as shares, debentures, bonds, commercial papers, units etc. are held in electronic form by the Depository.
Investors can avail following depository services by opening a demat Account with DP:


Conversion into electronic form of securities in physical form.
Conversion to physical form of securities held in demat account.
Clients can avail loan against securities in electronic mode.
Corporate Benefits
Non cash benefits- bonus, rights etc are credited into demat account.
Transfer of Securities
Easy transfer of securities from one demat account to another demat account.

Benefits of Depository Services:

  • Elimination of risks of loss / theft / mutilation / forgery / bad delivery.
  • Immediate transfer of securities with no stamp duty on transfer and easy nomination facility.
  • Less paper work, no odd lot problem, even one share can be traded.
  • Change in address with DP gets registered with companies in which investor holds securities electronically.
  • Automatic credit of shares arising out of bonus, split, consolidation, merger etc.
  • Holding investments in equity and debt instruments in a single account.


  • Access and view Information and Demat statements online – 24×7.
  • Hassle free automated pay-in of sell obligations of registered users.
  • Speedy settlement process resulting in increased liquidity of your securities.
  • Free Quarterly holding statement of your investment.
  • Competitive transaction charges and statement of demand.
  • No charges for monthly ‘Bill-cum-Transaction-cum-Holding-cum-Ledger’ statement.
  • Instant credit of non-cash benefits like Bonus and Rights.
  • Efficient dematerialization, rematerialization.
  • Wide branch network across the country.